Whole Wheat Rosemary Parmesan Quick Bread

Being in college means, for all intents and purposes, I'm on a budget. I try to save and pinch pennies when I can, so I don’t go out to eat as much as I want, buy my books used, and only buy one pair of shoes instead of two don’t buy unnecessary things.
But buying groceries can be expensive! Especially when it’s me footing the bill and not the grocery budget we have at home. Fancy, specialty ingredients like truffle oil or saffron? Not here. I take fruit from the dining halls so I don’t have to buy it. I don’t even like shelling out cash on fresh herbs. Three dollars for a little packet of sage?! Who are these people kidding?!

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  1. Amanda you are amazing–I'm sure Grandma would love a slice..love you see you soon

  2. @Country Freckles – Thanks so much Auntie! Can't wait to see you 🙂

  3. I can help you save money on truffle oil; never buy it! Use real truffles or none at all. That truffle oil, when you look closely, is a regular ol' bottle of oil with a tiny piece of alleged truffle floating around in it.

  4. @Jen, I never have actually spent money on that – but I knew some people actually did. I'm not even sure I like the taste of truffles (unless they're chocolate!)

  5. So yesterday I googled for rosemary quickbread and this came up the 5th or 7th down. I generally don't go for the big recipe sites and try for someone's blog instead to get a personal run down of how the recipe is. I really appreciate that you gave details on the texture of the recipe and that whole bit about the sticky dough. Boy howdy was it sticky…stickiest, thickest quick bread dough I've ever worked with.But the end result is yummy. I made it for an office thing today, and I'll definitely be making it again. Well done.Browsed the blog, and I'm impressed that you're baking so much in college. I never had time, so I applaud you. I'm really interested in trying the pumpkin spice snicks. I'm surprised that small change made such a difference. And as it's one of my favorite cookies (and I adore pumpkin), I'm thinking I'm an idiot for not thinking of it myself.Keep baking

  6. Wow, Shanbanan thank you! The dough is ridiculous but so worth it! I'm so happy you enjoyed it and thank you for your support and kind words, it means so much to me 🙂

  7. You're welcome. And again, I commend the fact that you mention the qualities of the dough, the texture of the finished product, etc. I've been reading baking blogs for a long time, and it irritates me when people don't mention these vital (to me) tidbits. I personally am not a fan of cakey cookies. And most fruit based cookies that use pumpkin or fruit juices or that type of ingredient result in a cakey product. This is something I've learned from experience…not from blog comments. And pictures don't always help. So I'm looking forward to more from you and I encourage you in your pursuits. Best always, Shan

  8. I did a Google search for Rosemary quick bread and your site came up! I'm so glad it did! I will be baking this for dinner tonight. Keep up all the delicious baking!

  9. Wow! That's fantastic, I hope you enjoy it! I know I did. In fact, I have some yogurt and rosemary sitting in the fridge so this may make an appearance on my dinner table soon! Happy baking 🙂

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