Puppy Chow Cupcakes and a Blogiversary!

366 days. That’s how long I’ve had this blog. One year and one day. That’s a long time.
I had initially wanted to do this post yesterday, on my actual blogiversary. But I just couldn’t get myself to sit down and right. I tried, as I’ve done so many times before, but the words just wouldn’t come. I wasn’t going to force them to, I know that doesn’t work.
We can just consider these cupcakes fashionably late – and completely delicious! I thought of them ages ago while I was sitting in class (my tuition money hard at work right there). I have always had a soft spot in my stomach heart for puppy chow. When my mom made it when my sisters and I were little it was like a holiday, a day that should have been nationally recognized! We would eat cup after cup of it, watching the layer of powdered sugar get thicker and thicker on our fingers, refusing to lick them clean until our mom cut us off from the goods.

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  1. Happy blogiversary! I never had puppy chow growing up. I think the first time I actually encountered it was in college and I had no idea what it was. It's sooooo good. I'm kinda mad my mom didn't make it for us as kids 😛 Anyway, lovely idea! I love the idea of adding "stuff" to buttercream, but can't ever think of a good mix-in. This is perfect!

  2. Thanks so much! I've really only been "active" for about half of that time, but I felt I should mark the occasion! As for the puppy chow, maybe it's best you never had it as a kid – it's a hard habit to kick 😉 I can't wait to try adding more mix-ins to a simple frosting!

  3. Your tuition money would work even harder if you spent it on culinary school. Just saying… 🙂

  4. I came across your recipe on Pinterest and it sounds YUMMY! I'm just wondering about the lemon juice in the frosting, I doesn't sound like a flavor that would go with chocolate and peanut butter. Can you explain?

  5. Anonymous: While you don't taste the lemon juice in the frosting, it is actually essential to making the frosting. This is a meringue style frosting instead of a simpler, quicker buttercream (which doesn't involve egg whites) and the lemon juice helps keep things together! If you're hesitant though, a buttercream frosting that doesn't use egg whites or lemon juice could work too – it will just be heavier on the cupcakes and more sweet, possibly taking away from the puppy chow's flavor. Hope this helps!

  6. Hi I saw this on pinterest and it looks amazing! I'm 17 and my mom has made puppy chow for my sisters and I for as long as I can remember we will definitely be making these thanks for the amazing recipe!

  7. You're very welcome! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! These really are fantastic cupcakes!

  8. Is there an easier, less time-consuming way to make the frosting?? the puppy chow and cupcakes are easy to make but it seems that the frosting is a bit complicated. is it as complicated as it looks? about how long does it take?

  9. You're welcome to try a simple buttercream frosting (using only butter and powdered sugar) in lieu of the boiled sugar method, but the reason I use the one I do is because it is lighter and fluffier and doesn't overpower the flavor of the puppy chow – which is what the cupcake is all about! The frosting really isn't as difficult as it may seem, and can be done in the time it would take butter to soften for a different recipe!

  10. VVERRY GOOD friends loved it sooo much:)

  11. These were good, but the frosting was entirely too buttery. I would suggest cutting the butter in half probably. Otherwise, a really fun, creative recipe!

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