Double Berry Breakfast Parfaits

I accidentally made a perfectly patriotic parfait! (Yay alliteration!)

Double Berry Parfaits

I had an abundance of blueberries and strawberries languishing in my fridge, too much Greek yogurt, and a hankering for something different for breakfast. And I wanted to put something in old mason jars because I though it was very Pinterest-y of me. And I’m obnoxious.

Double Berry Parfaits

These Double Berry Greek Yogurt Parfaits were just the ticket. Super quick to make, full of protein and fiber, and naturally sweet, they are perfect for the morning or an afternoon snack and a wonderful post-workout treat!

Double Berry Parfaits

Double Berry Parfaits (serves 2)

2 cups plain Greek yogurt

1 ½ cups sliced strawberries

1 pint fresh blueberries

Honey, optional

Cinnamon, optional

In mason jars or bowls, begin layers with ¼ cup of Greek yogurt, followed by a layer of strawberries and then blueberries. Repeat layering process until yogurt and berries are gone. If desired, add a drizzle of honey and sprinkling of cinnamon to yogurt layer before adding berries.

Store any uneaten parfaits covered in fridge for up to two days.

Double Berry Parfaits



Oatmeal Protein Pancakes

I am not the biggest fan of pancakes. Even though I’ve posted about them twice before, I really and truly prefer waffles (waffle recipe coming soon, promise!). I guess what I am really not a fan of is restaurant pancakes. They’re always so heavy and dense. Whenever I eat them I feel so sluggish and lethargic and I’m usually not hungry when lunch rolls around, which is a major disappointment for me.

oatmeal protein pancakes

Making pancakes at home though, that I can do. Even on a weekday. Even when I’m starving after a workout and want food asap. Even when I’m running around getting ready for work. I still make time for these pancakes, since they don’t take much time at all. Most of the “prep” work is done the night before so all I have to do in the morning is blend and pour. The part that takes the longest is waiting for my coffee to finish brewing so I can enjoy it alongside these Oatmeal Protein Pancakes.

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Breadcrumb Stuffed Baked Tomatoes

I’ve had this fascination lately with eating “Brupper.” (That’s “breakfast-for-supper” for the uninformed.) It’s partly due to my love of all things breakfast food and partly due to my laziness. By the time I get home from my internship (and an hour stuck in traffic) all I’m thinking is “FOOD! GET ME FOOD NOW!!!”

Breadcrumb Stuffed Tomatoes

So, eggs and toast have been a staple the past week. I find some veggies to throw in the eggs or on the side and – boom – complete meal.

Not wanting to eat scrambled or fried eggs for the umpteenth night in a row, I decided to get a little creative and put the eggs and toast inside the vegetables.

Breadcrumb Stuffed Tomatoes

With a little ingenuity and a quick round in the oven (my minuscule amount of patience is even thinner by night’s end), these Breadcrumb Stuffed Baked Tomatoes were ready in no time. They’re a healthier take on classic stuffed tomatoes, using egg whites in place of oil and a a full-flavored cheese used sparingly in place of a less flavorful, but more caloric one.

Breadcrumb Stuffed Tomatoes

Breadcrumb Stuffed Baked Tomatoes (makes approx. 6 small or 4 large tomatoes)

6 small tomatoes (about 2 inches around), I used chocolate tomatoes, but regular vine-ripened will work too

3 slices whole-wheat bread, toasted and cooled

2 egg whites

1 tsp. salt

1 TBSP crushed basil leaves

2 garlic cloves, minced

1/4 cup grated Gruyere cheese

2 TBSP olive oil

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a small baking dish with cooking spray and set aside.

Using a paring knife, cut into the tops of the tomatoes at a 45 degree angle and cut a circle around the top. Remove the top and discard. Using a spoon, scoop out the flesh and seeds of the tomato, being careful not to pierce through the skin.

Arrange the hollowed out tomatoes on the prepared baking dish and set aside.

Roughly rip the toast into the bowl of a food processor and process until they form coarse bread crumbs. Add the egg whites, salt, basil, and cheese and blend until fully incorporated.

Fill the tomatoes with an equal amount of the breadcrumb mixture, pressing filling in firmly. Drizzle stuffed tomatoes with olive oil and bake in preheated oven for 15 – 20 minutes or until flesh is tender.

Remove and allow to cool slightly before serving.

Breadcrumb Stuffed Tomatoes

Brupper of champions.

Cornmeal & Bacon Flapjacks with Cranberry Syrup

This entire weekend conspired against me to make pancakes. I’m serious.
First, my best friend was visiting me from WI. She is nothing if not the pancake queen. They’re really the only food she knows how to, or enjoys, making. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack. If I ask what she wants, the answer will be “pancakes.”


Second, we watched 50/50. I absolutely obsessed with the movie because of the storyline, characters, humor, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Umm, hello? Have we met?) and cannot stop watching it. The retired greyhound dog Skeletor also helps. He’s too cute.
Aaaaaanyways, back to pancakes. There’s a scene where Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character is hopped up on morophine and is delightfully unfiltered. When his love interest comes to visit he’s all cute, lying in the hospital bed, woozy and delirious and looks at her with this adorable expression as says “I wanna make you pancakes.”
That’s it. Just a simple desire to make the woman he cares for pancakes.

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Mulling Spiced Apple Coffee Cake with Spiced Streusel

This cake was almost the death of me.
Actually, that should be cakeS. These cakes were almost the death of me. Sweet, delicious death. 
I got it into my head that I wanted to make a coffee cake. But not just any coffee cake. No, I needed one that was warm and spicy and speckled with apples. One that was so purely autumnal it warmed the tummy and the soul.
Plus, it needed to be covered with streusel because, let’s be real, coffee cake is just a vehicle for streusel at the end of the day.
I made one cake, and it was good. So good I shared majority of it with my neighbors and coworkers because I didn’t want to eat the whole thing. It wasn’t winning any awards in the looks department though. I knew I could do better.

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Peanut Butter Banana Protein Smoothie

Two weeks ago I OD-ed on eggs. (Sidenote: that’s probably the strangest sentence I’ve ever typed.)
I was going home and I didn’t want to leave a bunch of leftovers and almost-meals in my fridge over the weekend. I didn’t want to have to clean that mess up come Sunday night when I would have to do the homework I had put off all weekend was relaxed from being at home.
I ate eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Multiple days in a row. Yes, I added other things to them but still. They were eggs. I went through a dozen in only a few days. Even with my love of eggs, it was just too much.
So, I’m giving them a little bit of a break right now. Which seems blasphemous, I know, but, it is giving me the opportunity to enjoy other breakfast foods I love. Like oatmeal or pancakes. And this awesome smoothie.

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Candied Ginger Scones

You know that episode of The Office where Michael burns his foot on a George Foreman Grill? I fear this may be my future. And by that, I mean burning my foot, not being the manager of a paper company’s Scranton branch.
See, the heat isn’t on in my apartment yet. This wasn’t such a problem the past few weeks, with the temperatures hovering around 60 most days and even passing 70 on occasion. But now, in the midwestern fashion of dramatic highs and even more extreme lows, the temperature dropped a solid 30 degrees overnight. And my apartment has become a very large, very expensive refrigerator. 
I have been keeping warm by wearing multiple sweaters, wrapping myself in blankets, and keeping the oven on to get a little bit of heat into the chilled wooden floors and icy window panes of my apartment.
While this last step may pose a fire hazard, I’m tired of feeling like a character in a Dickens novel. But, I have a new fear of slipping or tripping in my kitchen and putting my foot in the broiler. Of course, standing in front of the oven and alternately standing on my right foot, then my left, then back again, so I can evenly toast them may add to the likelihood of this outcome.

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Fig and Goat Cheese Breakfast Biscuits

“Are you learning anything new at the bakery?” my grandmother asked as I was elbow deep in biscuit dough. I tried to scrape the sticky mess off my fingers and think of a decent response, both efforts were futile.
“Oh, I don’t know. Not really. Maybe?” came my reply as I sprinkled flour onto the table and over my rolling pin. After forming the lump into a somewhat recognizable shape, I began to roll. My grandma watched and waited, nipping off a bit of dough with her fingers and tasting it, giving me her approval.
“You know, I always use a pizza or pie cutter to even out the edges when I’ve got a dough like that,” my grandma said after her sample. I took a knife and evened out the edges, giving myself a neat rectangle. Hmm, that’s better, I thought.
I spread not-so-softened goat cheese over the dough, taking care not to tear it and using my fingers when necessary; her eyes watched me the entire time. She mentioned something about whipping it with honey, for added sweetness. I contemplated and then disregarded it, staring at the lumpy goat cheese before me.

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Dark Chocolate Coffee Cupcakes with Marshmallow Coffee Buttercream

I get a lot of things from my dad. My brown eyes, olive skin, and “solid” build all come from him. My annoyingly obsessive attention to detail, dry sense of humor, and predisposition to mornings go to his credit too. While some of the traits I have gotten from him are genetic, I’ve also picked up a lot of learned behaviors from him over the years. Since I was a little girl I’ve been watching him and studying him and mimicking him – it’s only natural that some of his habits and traits would eventually become mine. For better or worse.
There’s one thing he does though that I will just not do. Never, ever will I be okay with doing this. Never, EVER. It is a habit so disgusting, so repulsive I can barely bring myself to write it (I’m really making you want one of those cupcakes up there, aren’t I?).
My father reuses day-old coffee.
There. I said it. And may have gotten a little queasy.

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Eggs Fried In Peppers

I eat eggs every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. Eggs are quick, easy, and full of protein. They satisfy me after a tough workout or keep me full during my long shifts at work. While I don’t think it’s excessive (it’s normal to go through two dozen eggs solo in one week, totally normal) it can get a bit boring.
So when a friend sent me a link on Facebook showing me a new way to prepare eggs my first thought was “Man, how come I didn’t think of that!” and my second was “I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow.

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