Weekly Workouts May 27 – June 1

After what was a light week last week (and we’re talking exceptionally light), it’s time to get a little more intense. To do a little more. While I can’t devote a lot of extra time in the mornings to my workouts I can make sure that the time I do have counts. And I will (and have been) use my time in the evenings to my advantage too. Some quick stretches and abs workouts after I get home from work, lunges while I’m watching tv. Those kinds of things will make a difference. Those kinds of things will (hopefully) make my training sessions with Shawn this summer a touch more bearable.

But…of course now that I say that I’m expecting some kind of fresh torture upon my return home.

Workouts May 27 – June 1

Monday: 1.5 mile run, 9 minute pace, abs/arms using Swiss Ball

Tuesday: 30 minute KB tabata plus warm up + cool down

Wednesday: 1 hour of yoga

Thursday: 30 minute bike ride, leg circuits using free weights and medicine ball

Friday: Tae Bo (because yes, exercise DVDs are still a thing and Billy kicks my tuckus every time)

Saturday: short run + squats, lunges, and hip circuits

Weekly Workouts May 20 – May 26

I’ve never been a busy busy person. Sure, I’ve had things that I’ve wanted to do. Long lists of items to cross off, ideas in the back of my mind. But I’ve never been so swamped with things I have absolutely had to do.

Until now. My internship has been crazy. Beyond, actually. I’ve been working outside the office to keep up. Interviews, articles, deadlines. And with the Sweets & Snacks Expo this week, things are only going to get crazier.

But with all this, all the work and the sleepless nights (because I’ve been suffering from a bit of insomnia too, yay), I’ve still been working out. It’s been keeping me happy and sane and has stopped me from eating leftover frosting for dinner until I pass out.

With this week of craziness I am going to attempt to do the same. I’m going to keep to my workout schedule as much as possible. Tomorrow I will have to take the day off because I’m looking at a 14+ hour workday. My obscenely early mornings on Wednesday and Thursday mean light afternoon yoga sessions to relax and recharge. Friday morning I’ll get up and thoroughly kick my own butt. It’s all about having a plan.

Workouts May 20 – May 26

Monday: 45 minute bike ride, deadlifts, stretching

Tuesday: *OFF* (let’s call it a rest day)

Wednesday: 30 minutes of yoga after work

Thursday: 30 minutes of yoga after work

Friday: Burpee pyramid, 55 squat + push-up pyramid

Saturday: 1.5 mile run, abs + arms

How do you adjust your workouts for a busy schedule?

Weekly Workouts May 6 – May 11

“Screws fall out all the time. The world’s an imperfect place.” ~ John Bender, The Breakfast Club

I love this quote for a few reasons: I adore John Bender, I get to share my obsession with The Breakfast Club, and it’s incredibly true. Bender may have been being a smart aleck when he said this, but the man’s got a point. The world’s an imperfect place, we are imperfect people. We will mess up, we will fall down, we will skip a workout.

I missed a workout last week. I was sleep deprived bordering on delirious and needed that extra hour of sleep on Tuesday. When I finally did rouse myself, I began to panic. What was I doing? How could I skip a workout? I’m going to ruin everything I’m working for! 

It wasn’t until I called home in tears, nearly hyperventilating, that I began to understand this wasn’t the end of the world. I was talked offer the proverbial ledge. I was convinced one missed workout wouldn’t completely derail me. I was reminded that I had a soccer game that night. I’d be running around a field for 40 minutes. I’d certainly be out of breath. I’d be tired and I’d get a workout. Maybe not the one I had written down, but that wouldn’t make it any less effective. And when Wednesday morning rolled around, I felt that soccer game. I felt the previous night’s victory aching in my legs. I smiled and proceeded to my next workout.

And so, with my Tuesday night soccer game in mind, I came up with this week’s workout plan. I swapped things around, opting for yoga this morning and strictly weights tomorrow morning. After running around Tuesday night, a leisurely bike ride is totally in order on Wednesday morning.

Workouts for May 6 – May 11

Monday – 45 minutes of yoga

Tuesday – weight lifting, arm circuits and abs + soccer game

Wednesday – 30 minute bike ride, TRX 55 squat and pushup pyramid

Thursday – Medicine ball circuit workout

Friday – Burpee circuit (resulting in 55 burpees and certain torture)

Saturday – 1.5 mile run, 9 minute mile pace, abs



Weekly Workouts April 29 – May 4

I have worked out or done some sort of exercise 6 of the last 7 days. I cannot remember the last time that happened. And it feels good. Being sore all day Thursday felt good. It felt great actually.

And so I really, really enjoyed that day off. I didn’t feel guilty, I didn’t agonize over what was or wasn’t happening to my body, what I was or wasn’t doing to it. Because I had worked hard, I had made a change. I deserved a reward and deserved some rest. So I watched too much tv, baked a layer cake and played with makeup. I enjoyed my day off, because I knew it was just one day. I’d be back at the grind soon enough.

Even this morning, after a restless night and after hitting snooze three times, I still got up to go for a run. A slow, agonizing run – but a run nonetheless. I got up. And I’ll keep getting up, getting through my workouts. Enjoying my workouts.

Workouts for April 29 – May 4

Monday – 1.25 mile run, lunge + pushup sets

Tuesday  – Kettlebell tabatas, 20 minutes + warm up & cool down

Wednesday – 45 minutes of yoga

Thursday  – 30 minute bike ride, ab exercises using Swiss & medicine balls

Friday – Burpee circuit + TRX squat and pushup pyramid

Saturday  – 20 minutes of yoga

Weekly Workout April 22 – April 27

Before this year, I didn’t have a bike on campus and MAN! was I missing out! I bike at home a bit, nothing serious, just getting out and about and using it to save gas when I remember. In high school, my best friend and I would go on bike rides for hours and they were always the best – a great workout and even better conversation. I tried to mimic that feeling by taking spinning classes freshman and sophomore year, but it just wasn’t the same. Great workout? Sure, and my instructor was fabulous. But they just weren’t quite right. I missed the actual road.

There’s something about pedaling in the wee hours of the morning, there’s no traffic on the streets or the sidewalks, I can just go and cruise. And as a bonus, I get (waaaaaaaay) farther on my bike than if I’m just running so I’m looking at different scenery. This focuses my short attention span and alleviates my propensity to get bored. I’ve really enjoyed reincorporating them into my workouts.

Workouts for the week of April 22 – April 27

Monday: 1.5 mile run, 9 min. mile pace, medicine ball sets of arms, abs, and legs

Tuesday: Jumprope + TRX tabatas, 25 minutes + warm-up & cool down

Wednesday: 1 hour of yoga

Thursday: Tae Bo “Flex” DVD (yes, workout DVDs. They work!)

Friday: 30 minute bike, 20 minutes of yoga

Saturday: Kettlebell tabatas, 20 minutes + warm-up & cool down; 20 minutes of yoga after work

What about you? Do you bike? Spin? Avoid any sort of bicycle altogether? 

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