Thursday Things

1)     HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE! I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with barbecues, family, sun, and fun. And I hope everyone can take a moment to be thankful for all that you have, wherever you are, whatever you believe. Just enjoy the day 🙂

2)     I’ll be spending my 4th at work. I’ll be waitressing all night while doing my best Rosie the Riveter impression thanks to this lovely lady’s tutorial (I’ve been obsessed with her channel for months now and I aspire to the perfect set of victory rolls).

3)     My brother got married this past weekend. Which means majority of the family was together again for the first time in a long time. A little bit of crazy spilled out. His poor wife…


4)     In other family news: my baby sister got her temps (which I’ve learned is “Wisconsin speak” for “Learner’s Permit”) on Monday. She drove me to get ice cream. She. Drove. Me. And then I sobbed the whole way home because she’s so old. Which means I’m so old. Just kidding about the sobbing part. I waited until she dropped me off to cry.

rae driving

5)     I’ve become such a sucker for pretty flowers lately. I imagine when I’m older that I’ll be some cool hippie chick living in an old farm house down south with a giant garden full of veggies, fruits, and flowers.

6)     I know this article made me think and it’s definitely something to consider for everyone who is trying to get “lean and mean” this summer.

7)     On that note, this article on 5 reasons why Fitspo sucks is kinda awesome. And again, more things to think about.

8)     I’m doing an awful lot of thinking for a summer vacation. Must. Stop. Can’t. Grow up.

9)     What is was like to play sports in high school as a girl. Incredibly accurate.

10)  Ron Swanson, a true man’s man.

11)   I walked into my mom’s house the other day to find a bowl of m&m’s, pretzel m&m’s, and honey roasted peanuts on the table. Her “own blend of trail mix. It’s healthy.” Now I know where I get it…

Thursday Things

1)     talkingfood may very well be one of the funniest things I’ve come across on Instagram in a long time. 

2)     And this video on “Harrey Podder” may be one of the funniest things I’ve watched on YouTube in a long time. 

3)     Except this. This might be funnier. Ok, it’s definitely funnier. Thank you Erin for introducing me to it! 

4)     This Buzzfeed post on BSB (shocker, getting something from Buzzfeed, right?) made me remember how my sisters and I used to be absolutely obsessed with watching the music videos on Disney channel. When there was that odd five minutes in between movies on the weekend, we would stop everything we were doing to watch, sing, and dance along. This then led to us recording the concerts (ohmygosh, remember those?) and memorizing the dance moves and re-enacting them for our parents.

5)     I think given the right kind of opportunity, Hilary Duff and I could be really good friends. And Mindy Kaling. Defnintely Mindy.

6)      National Doughnut Day is in just 8 days. I think I need to start prepping now. Yes, most definitely. I’m going to have to eat doughnuts this weekend. Maybe even make some. These Coffee Biscoff Bacon Doughnuts might be a nice recipe to try.  

7)     Once again, Cheryl and Griff are killing it with their recipes. This Nana Cream Pie was bonkers good. And made for an excellent breakfast too. 

nana cream pie

8)     I’m currently pouring over Josh Riebock’s Heroes and Monsters. Ohmygosh. This is such a beautifully written story and there’s so many parts to it that I relate to that I’ve actually stopped reading, looked around and wondered out loud if he’s inside my head. I’m miffed I got it on my Nook instead of an actual book, taking notes and underlining is far more difficult without using an actual pen. 

Thursday Things

1)     Nothing makes me feel like more of a confident single woman than being able to zip up a dress by myself. Just tryna make Liz proud.

2)     I did have to get help from my coworker to get into my dress for a fancy, schmancy awards dinner on Tuesday night though. Kinda lost confidence points from that. And definitely lost brain cells from not being able to take a deep breath for three hours.

3)     Someone asked for my autograph today. I’m not kidding! And I’m not trying to sound humble-braggy. I’m trying to sound straight braggy. I cannot believe it happened. It was the subject of an article I wrote for last month’s magazine. She was so thrilled with the piece she had me sign right by my byline in a copy of the mag. I hugged her.

4)     Oh yeah, I met Nelly too!


DSC05531Yes, Nelly saw me make that face…and that wasn’t even the worst one…

5)     I have not been on Buzzfeed this entire week. I’ve been too busy with work. Part of me is proud of this and then another part of me is embarrassed that I feel the need to be proud of something like this. Oy.

6)     New music obsession (besides still having the Pitch Perfect soundtrack on loop): The Andrews Sisters. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy is my jam.

7)     In the past three days I’ve eaten the most beautiful filet of beef, the most ridiculous chocolate covered…well…everything, sour candies that make my cheeks hurt just thinking about, triple chocolate cannolis, negative amounts of vegetables, and salmon jerky. There have been some high points and low points, clearly.

8)     I kinda, sorta wanna be like Joy when I grow up.

9)     You didn’t think I wasn’t actually going to NOT put up a Buzzfeed list. I mean, Hanson, hello?

10)   These need to be in my boca for breakfast, like, yesterday. And tomorrow. And the next day.

11)    I just realized that the woman who plays Ms. Patty in GG was also in an episode of The Nanny. My life is complete. My tiny, tiny life, that is.

Thursday Things

1)     It was my friend Tess’s birthday on Tuesday. She requested a red velvet cake with “super sugary frosting.” So that’s exactly what she got! I’m enjoying playing around with layer cakes more and more, I think it’s a sign I’m becoming more patient.

red velvet fez

2)     Another sign is that I haven’t cursed once this week while driving to the office. This is big. Not that I swear like a sailor on leave, but driving really frustrates me. I’m becoming a whole new person. And it’s terrifying.

3)     HANSON PUT OUT AN ANNIVERSARY ALBUM. And you can download it here.

4)    Speaking of Hanson, enjoy this cover of them performing an acoustic version of Ain’t No Sunshine. The only sunshine I need is what’s reflecting off of Zac’s glorious locks. Love.

5)     My baby sister is going to her first prom this weekend. Part of me refuses to accept this, even though I was with her when she bought her dress. Part of me feels really old. Part of me will forever see her as a chubby four-year-old in a karate uniform. And a huge, gigantic part (ie: all of me) wishes I could be home this weekend so I’m there to help her get ready, take pictures and stay up late waiting for her to get home safely.

6)     I’m going to be super predictable/boring/annoying and write about the crazy Midwestern weather. Shocker, I know. It was in the 80s the last two days and now it’s down to 50 something. I cannot deal. But drastic times call for drastic measures and I successfully put my air conditioning unit in yesterday. Pretty good job, eh? (Yes, that’s pink duct tape and cardboard.)

air conditioner

7)     I haven’t done dishes in a few days so I’m relegated to getting creative with how I pack my lunch for work.

8)     I want all of these ice cream sandwiches. Now. Now, now, now, now, now. Particularly, 1, 11, 12, and 14. Honorable mention: 6 and 17.

9)     I’m glad I’m not the only one tired of Bonnie.

10)   20 Most Essential Items In Your 90s Beauty Kit. I abused 2, 6, 12 and 14 all the time in middle school. And am only slightly ashamed of it.

Thursday Things

1)     There was a massive sale on 6pm this weekend and when my best friend saw that Vibrams were on sale she immediately alerted me. The result was my fourth pair of FiveFingers, my third pair of Bikilas, and the official diagnosis of an obsession.


2)     So, apparently every Wednesday night until 1am on Thursday morning, Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens reruns are on Disney channel. I know this because Lizzie McGuire was trending on Twitter.

3)     Team Gordo, btw. I never thought Ethan was cute.

4)     Can we all just stop for a minute and appreciate how cute David Gallagher grew up to be. I remember when he was adorable little Simon on Seventh Heaven. Oh, memories…

5)     This granola from Heather looks ridiculously good! And it’s totally a breakfast food even though it’s covered in chocolate because granola = cereal = breakfast. Simple math, really.

6)     When Paperman first came out I was totally obsessed with it and watched it alone in my apartment huddle under a blanket while sobbing in the dark too many times to count (the crazy life I lead…) Naturally, I think this is the cutest photoshoot ever.

7)     This was my playlist at work today and I’m only upset that it wasn’t longer and didn’t have any AAR in it. Come on, Buzzfeed!

8)     Believe it or not, I am actually taking a break from Vampire Diaries (when you watch two seasons in one week, that’s kind of a wake up call). I’m reading each night instead and the pile of books I have on my bedside table is both staggering in height and embarrassing in content. I’m currently laughing my way through this one. Yes, that one.

9)     Cinnamon.Roll.Pretzels. That is all.

Thursday Things

1)     It’s been raining here like crazy. It’s like England or Ireland or a scene from The Day After Tomorrow. And I don’t have rainboots. But I don’t really want rainboots, I had a pair and they hurt my feet. I wish I had a pair of waterproof Vibrams, those would be ideal really. I have forever ruined my feet.

2)     A really fun way to work your abs? Listen to Chubby Checker’s The Twist. It’s crazy effective if you twist (duh) and dance around the entire song. I know this from experience.

3)     Rush hour is taking years off my life.


5)     This happened. And I am so stoked (and I never use that word). $5 to the first person person who guesses what it is.

tattoo black and white

6)     I’ve almost watched an entire season of Law & Order: SVU in one week. Even I think that’s too much television sooooooo…drumroll please…I’m giving up TV for a week. If you know me (or have ever read this blog before) you know that’s a BIG deal. TV is basically my life. Yes, I know that’s sad on so many levels. Here’s to reading a good book in the next 7 days!

7)     Speaking of TV…I still no every.single.word of this theme song. It’s my jam.

8)     Imagine the brain space that would be cleared up if I forgot that ^ song. Or the theme from Kim Possible or As Told By Ginger or Out of the Box or Gulla Gulla Island. My world is very small.

9)     Lamb. Ragu. Done.

Thursday Things

karma drinking from sink

1)     I didn’t believe my dad when he told me our dog liked drinking out of the sink. Since coming home for spring break I’ve learned he was not only telling the truth but to an extreme extent. She’s more spoiled than I am.

2)     I love Cory and Topanga. I hate Cory and Topanga.

3)     Everything hurts. Everything. My toes, my arms, my love handles. All sore. It’s all thanks to Bob Harper’s Boot Camp DVD. Say what you will about exercise DVDs but if you’re putting forth any amount of effort, you’ll get a good workout!

4)     So proud to be a journalism major.

5)     I’ve been on a DIY kick like no other. Hairbows, headbands, infinity scarves. I feel very Martha right now.

6)     50 Things They Don’t Tell You About Being A Chef. Something to look forward to.

7)     I’ve been mulling over 1 Corinthians 15:10 the past few days. In light of Easter and all, I think the message of God’s grace is so pertinent, helpful, and hopeful.

8)     My birthday is on Saturday and I feel old. Why? Because I actually finished cleaning my room today. Normally I start cleaning my closet or going through my bookshelf and before I finish I get distracted by Gilmore Girls reruns or YouTube tutorials but this time that didn’t happen! Scary.

9)     To make up for the room cleaning fiasco I danced around my newly cleaned room to an old Simple Plan CD. No shame.

10)   Ben & Jerry’s Liz Lemon Greek Yogurt? Not the biggest fan. Just so you know.

Thursday Things

1)     That taco dip up there? Bananas. And typing that made me realize it might sound like the taco dip was made from bananas. Which made me a little queasy. But don’t worry! That’s totally not taco dip made from bananas (eww, seriously, just stop). It’s made with plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and it is oh-so tasty. Trust me.
2)     I made one of the best discoveries of the internet in a long time at work the other day: A SOCK OF THE MONTH CLUB. Yes. Besides being in love with the concept, the name of the club, Foot Cardigan, is brilliant. (Clearly, my work study job is incredibly taxing.)
3)     Julie wrote a wonderful post about spelling bees, which I can relate to all too well (this Catholic School kid got out on the word rosary…yep…). Even now, there are words that I would mess up constantly if it weren’t for spell check: unnecessary, apologize, every time, assignment. The list goes on. Sometimes I add extra letters, sometimes I reverse them, sometimes I make two words into one. Yay, college.
4)     I always knew Kevin Gnapoor was going places.
6)     I was unaware that Parenthood was an abreviated abrreviatedabbreveated abbreviated season so I watched the last episode not thinking much of it and was left HANGING OFF THE EDGE OF A CLIFF. Get it together NBC.
7)     The 12 Habits of Happy People. Things to work on.
8)     I wore the heck out of Jelly Shoes back in the day. Pink and sparkly was my drug of choice. And I am SO FLIPPIN’ EXCITED that they’re coming back in style. Yusssss.
9)     I’m sorry for the all the CAPS LOCK. I’m just really excited (my world has become very small).

10)   This is going to sound uber weird, but is it possible to wake yourself up from your own snoring? Is that a thing? I think it might be. The other night I was nodding off and heard snoring and jolted awake. The snoring stopped. And I remembered I don’t have roommates. And then I realized…it was me. I had been snoring. And woken myself up. My life

Thursday Things

1)     I can barely say the name of Manny’s site, but Gastrofotonomia is worth a look! Those pictures? Ridonkulus. 
2)     Regina George’s Laptop. HA! All the credit for this goes to Jess.
3)     At what age is one too old to be eating Disney Princess Vitamins? Just curious…
4)     To balance out the childishness of the vitamins I’ve been acting like an adult (sort-of) and doing my homework. I’ve had class for four days and have done homework three of them! I think that’s more than last quarter’s work combined. Look at me, being all responsible and whatnot. 
5)     It helps that these books are technically part of my homework.
6)     And these magazines.
7)     I got flannel sheets over break since my apartment turns into an expensive refrigerator over night and figured they would keep me warm. I mainly got them for the snowflake print (typical). I have bad memories of trying to sleep in flannel sheets as a child and feeling like I was wrapped in really warm sandpaper. I was an idiot as a child. Flannel sheets are da best. I’ve also started wearing flannel pajamas to really put the comfort factor over the top, static electricity notwithstanding. 
8)     My beautiful, wonderful best friend from home is coming to visit this weekend! Having friends with varying break schedules is one of the few bonuses of the quarter system.
9)     How is it that nearly every shirt I want to wear suddenly has a stain on it? Some are identifiable (like coffee) and some aren’t (I don’t even want to know), but they’re all frustrating. Thank goodness my momma got me a kick butt shirt for Christmas.
10)   Think the word “asbestos” wouldn’t work in a song? Think again. Old Blue Eyes some how made it work

Thursday Things

1)     Grandma and I got all kinds of Southern the other day and made shrimp n grits. And then I ate myself silly. Frying the shrimp in bacon grease? A revelation. 
2)     I’ve reached a new low in Google searching. I’m desperate to know what song is playing during the preview for Broken City. It’s got the catchiest beat. Only problem is…there are no discernible lyrics, just kinda noises and half words. I attempted to find out song by typing in “heyeyey ohoh uhuh song lyrics.” It didn’t work.
3)     I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority here but I adore the banana flavored Runts candies. And banana Laffy Taffy. They’ve always been my sister’s and my favorite, to the point where our dad hid them on us until all the less appealing flavors were gone.
4)     I scored “Inception,” “The Town,” and “50/50” on DVD yesterday all for less than $20. This is just going to feed my JGL (that’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt for those out of the loop) obsession. Wonderful.
5)     Watching “Premium Rush” helped too. So.many.movies.
6)     Truth.
7)     They better come out with a women’s version of these. And soon. I’ve got an internship to prepare for.
9)     Trying to come up with items for this weeks list is a painful reminder of a) how I have to go back to school on Sunday, b) how incredibly boring I am, (like I didn’t already know that when I was in bed by 10:30 on NYE.) Sorry folks.  

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